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 Kimberley Barra Tours – THE BEST Kununurra Fishing Charters are with Flicking Lures 

Flicking Lures offers keen fishers, whether you are experienced or a beginner, the opportunity to catch a big one – maybe a barramundi? Create amazing memories with experienced fishing guides and enjoy the beauty of Miriwoong country on a selection of Kimberley Fishing Tours including Full Day fishing tour, Private Full Day Charter or Half Day fishing tour.

Flicking Lures Fishing Charters

Ultimate Barra Fishing Experience in Kununurra. Western Australia. Chase the elusive Silvery Leatherback that inhabits the great northern waters of the Kimberley.

Every fisherman’s dream is to catch that 1metre Barra and we are going to show you how. Barramundi Fishing in the East Kimberley – there is nothing quite like it!

Kimberley Barra Fishing Tours and Charters, Kununurra

The Ultimate Guided Fishing Tours

Fishing Tours and Fishing Charters, Kununurra WA

Catch a barra on Miriwoong country

Local guide with 20+ years experience 
Fishing Lake Kununurra, Lower Ord and beyond

We’ll be hunting the Jaliwang (Barramundi) on Miriwoong country where you can appreciate their culture and their land.

Offering full day private charters, full and half day fishing tours, catering to both beginners and the more experienced guest who both want their fishing experience to offer the best of the Kimberley. The tours take you through the mighty Ord River, where the splendour of the beautiful landscape and wildlife will capture your heart and leave its impression for a lifetime.

Our barramundi fishing charters will give you the opportunity for some of the best fishing in the East Kimberley.

Flicking Lures Fishing Charters - Kununurra
Miriwoong country, Kununurra - Fishing Charters
Fishing charters in Kununurra
Wildlife on the mighty Ord River
Fishing Lake Kununurra
The Ultimate Barra Fishing Experience, Kununurra

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Hook into our photo gallery to explore some pics of our fishing tours and some great catches including the famous East Kimberley Barramundi!

Mick Stewart - your fishing guide



 Mick and the team at Flicking Lures have the experience and local knowledge to ensure you have a fantastic day of fishing.

Mick is a local, Kununurra based, fishing guide with 20+ years of Kimberley experience. Book now to enjoy an amazing day on the waters of Lake Kununurra or the Lower Ord River. This scenic waterway is known for amazing wildlife, birdlife and great fishing!



I’d rather have a bad day fishing, than a good day at work!

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